Self-titled (cassette) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.
God has Shot Himself (CDr) Label: LEGION SUDAN.

Welcome to the Slave State: Live Action (cassette) two editions. Label: SMELL THE STENCH/DEADLINE.

Untitled: IV (cassette) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Jakarta (cassette) Label: PROPULSIVE AUDIO.

Music for Mass Radio (double cassette) Label: MONORAIL TRESPASSING.

Plate 9 from the Suite (CDr) Label: HUMAN SUBSTITUTE RECORDS.

White: Victim or Suspect? (CDr) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Tension: Dedicated to Chop Shop (3" CDr) Label: SPATTER RECORDS.

There are Four Doors (cassette) Label: CIPHER PRODUCTIONS.

Dusk (3" CDr) Label: PITCHPHASE.

Just Before Dawn (CDr) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.


Crawlspace (CDr) Label: MORBID TAPES.

Masked Spider of the First (CDr) Label: TRONIKS.

Surrounded by Fangs (cassette) Label: RUNDOWN SUN.

Jigoku/Kourei (cassette) Label: MISTAPE.

The Beast before Christ (CDr) Label: MASK OF THE SLAVE RECORDS.

Cruel Kidnapping (cassette) Label: TRENCH KNIFED.


In Horror (cassette) Label: AAD.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (4xCDr) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Red Eye (cassette) Label: HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS.

Static Studies (2xCDr) Label: SECOND SLEEP.

Short Night of the Butterflies (CDr) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Nights of Terror (LP) Edition of 25 only. Label: TRASH RITUAL.

Paranoia (one-sided cassette) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.


Taste of Blood (cassette) Label: DEAD AUDIO TAPES.

Static Storm (cassette) Label: SATAN'S DIN.

Plate Nine from the Suite (cassette/cdr)reissue. Label: DEADLINE/DEAD AUDIO TAPES.

Eye of the Spider: Tribute to Kiyoshi Kurosawa (4-cassette box set) Label: DEAD AUDIO TAPES.

Beneath Still Waters (cassette) Label: DEATH LETTER TAPES.

The Flies of Our Tragic Dear (CD) Label: B.P.P.

Black Chapel (LP) Label: URASHIMA RECORDS.

The Reincarnation of Isabel (cassette) Label: AFTER DEATH RECORDS.

Nang Nak (CDr) Label: SYZMIC RECORDS.

The House of the Yellow Carpet (CS). Label: SWIM HARDER RECORDINGS.


The Last to Know (CS) Label: UTMARKEN RECORDS.

Only One Left to Kill (CDr) Label: COFFIN CRAWL RECORDS.

Death Bed (CS/T-Shirt) Label: CARRION RECORDS.

Mother, May I Go Out to Kill? (File download) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Mania: Dedicated to Renato Polselli (CS) Label: DEAD AUDIO TAPES.

The Urge to Love or Destroy (CS) Label: GELUIDSOVERLAST!!! RECORDS.

Rail Killings (CDR) Label: BANE RECORDS.

Nightmare Park (CS box set) Label: NEW FORCES

Someone Lurking in the Dark (CS) Label: VOID SEANCE.

Dead Eyes (2xCDR) Label: VICTIMOLOGY.

Carnal Violence (CS) Label: ROBERT & LEOPOLD.

Confessions of a Sex Maniac (4xCD) Label: SECOND LAYER RECORDS.

Hitchhikers (CS) Label: DEAD AUDIO TAPES.

The Hour of Her Death (7inch) Label: URASHIMA RECORDS.

Spiral (3inch CDR) Label: BORED BEAR RECORDINGS.


La Llorona (floppy disk,mp3) Label: KAFKEX REX.

The Howling (CS) Label: H SERIES.

The Hearse (2xCDR) Label: H SERIES.

Just Before Dawn (CDR) Label: BURIAL RECORDINGS.

The Occupants (10xCDR box set) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Church Songs (CS) Label: H SERIES.

Hand of the Gallows (CS) Label: MONORAIL TRESPASSING.

Don't Go To Sleep (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Curse of the Crimson Altar (3CS) Label: TOTAL BLACK.


Don't Open The Door (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Beyond the Door (CDR) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

Don't Go in the Woods...Alone! (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS.

And Hell Followed (CS) Label: MEANING CORRUPTED.

Don't Go in the House (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDIINGS

Don't Go in the Bedroom (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

Scarecrows (CDR) Label: MOORS RAPIST

Husk (8xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

Don't Go in the Basement (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

The Witching Hour (3inc CDR) Label: DEBILA

Tomb of the Werewolf (8xCDR) box set collection of early works. Label: ROOM 2A

Pripyat (20xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

Don't Go Near the Park (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

Night of the Werewolf (6xCDR) box set collection of early works. Label: ROOM 2A

More Static Studies (3xCS) Label: ROOM 2A

Shadow of the Werewolf (10xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

Don't Scream (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

Death at the Point of a Knife (5xCDR) set Label: ROOM 2A

Curse of the Werewolf (6xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

The Dance of Death (CS) Label: ROOM 2A

All Souls' Day (CS) Label: ROOM 2A

Grand Guignol (20xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

Rise of the Werewolf (6xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

The Macabre Box (6xCDR) Label: ROOM 2A

Death and the Maiden (10xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A

Host of the Flies (2xCS) Label: ROOM 2A

Host of the Flies Volume 2 (2xCS) Label: ROOM 2A

The Gathering Vol. 1(Live Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

Don't Answer the Phone (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS 

Don't Panic (Download Release) Label: DEADLINE RECORDINGS

Don't (Series Collection) (10xCDR) Label: ROOM 2A

Hallowe'en (CS) Label: ROOM 2A

Sightings (20xCDR) box set Label: ROOM 2A 

New Salem (3xCS) Label: ROOM 2A

The Nightmares (CD) Label: 4iB 

Horror En El Museo Negro (6xCDR) box set. Label: ROOM 2A


The Hunter (CDr) 1 of 1.

Junk (CDr) 1 of 1.

Inugami (CDr) 1 of 1.

The Hunted (CDr) 1 of 1.

En Noir Dans L'Obscurit√©  (anti-record/cassette set) Edition of 5.     

*All special editions released by Deadline Recordings.